Medicinal Cannabis Colombia

Colombia with better conditions for investment in Medicinal Cannabis

Things being this way, finding occasions in moments of early adoption is a part of the investment process. And maybe this cannabis industry can be an interesting applicant once we have seen the preceding reasoning.

Not a few are the obstacles that the industry will have to overcome (among them the ethical ones) and the danger is very high, but the development potential is similarly high and will bear fruit as the field matures.

The demand continues to measure, the “retail” industry has seen a new business favored by the best legislation, more and more countries and states that legalize cannabis for its uses, business movements and strong investments of big players are generated , and many institutional investors are taking situations in these assets.

Let’s see if this industry is going to be able to meet the strong hopes created.

Important information on Investment in the Medical marijuana Industry

This time cannabis takes stardom in Colombia and not exactly because it is a source of confrontations, but rather because it is the center of assembly of national and foreign investors who seek to support the development of firms in the emerging medical marijuana market in the country and Latin America .

This is the first investment peak in Latin America that began today in the city of Bogotá and, through which US $ 40 million would be mobilized.

What investment hopes are there?

Just as The Arcview Group is developing this event, for the first time in the area, which will have more than one hundred and fifty investors from different parts of the planet, which could mobilize about US $ 40 million.

However, this will depend on investment hunger for the ideas that are presented throughout today and tomorrow.

Uruguay, Chile and Colombia already have investments from multinationals in Canada and the US. In Peru, the medicinal use of cannabis was regulated today, which opens an investment door.

The progressive legalization of medical marijuana in Latin American and Caribbean countries has created a market whose potential begins to attract investments from Canada and U.S.A.

In Peru, today the approval of the regulation of the law regulating the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis was published. With this, from tomorrow, the State will have to ensure access to marijuana and its derivatives for medical purposes; which opens up a possibility of investments in the country.

The rapid evolution in Latin America for investment in Medical marijuana

In truth, there are already international companies interested in entering Peru, as the Canadian Canopy Growth has appreciated, who already has offices in the country.

“The landscape for medical cannabis continues to evolve rapidly in Latin America and Peru is about to take a leading role with the introduction of new regulations that we hope will prioritize patient access,” said Antonio


CEO of Canopy LATAM, in a statement.

In other countries of the area, however, the advance of the cannabis market already adds investments in producing plants and acquisitions of local companies with authorization to market products made from medical marijuana.

Colombia Latam and Marijuna Medicinal as Investment

Best Business Hub has a platform that connects new and experienced potential investors, in addition to offering all Colombians and in Latin America a great opportunity to join a growing community of partners with extensive experience in the field of medicinal cannabis crops

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Best Business Hub in search of Potential Investors

Promote information and create opportunities for any interested person to participate in an industry reserved for large capital investors, but with their advice they can carry out a business with great profitability in a world market such as medical cannabis

The Colombian government authorized cannabis production and manufacturing processes for medical purposes in two thousand and sixteen. At the end of two thousand and eighteen, more than two hundred and fourteen companies or persons licensed to generate medical marijuana were registered.

American and Canadian firms, such as USA Real Estate Holding, Organto Foods and Khiron Life Sciences acquired 8 businesses between projects, specialized clinics and firms established in Colombia.

According to El Tiempo, a ProColombia investigation estimates that the country would reach a market of more than US $ 43 billion in two thousand twenty-five, due to the regulatory framework, the competitive advantage and its export potential. In addition to this, other studies from the Universidad del Rosario state that in the future the medical cannabis market in Colombia could contribute 0.4 percent of Colombian GDP.

Why focus on this industry?

The emerging field is showing historical profitability margins, we talk about aggregate annual rates of about thirty percent, data that attract capital. I believe that after the era of gold, legalization of alcohol, industrial revolution and the phenomenon of the website, cannabis can produce an economic and cultural transformation in our countries and the planet.

According to information cited by Muisca Capital Group, for two thousand and twenty eight, the industry in Latin America would be US $ 13 billion in a population with more than six hundred million inhabitants.

In addition to this, it is expected that by the end of the current year, this area will measure thirty-eight percent in the world market. On the other hand, the event, which takes place today and manaña at the Sheraton Hotel in the city of Bogotá also has an academic content.

This has industry specialists who will deal with issues such as the cannabis value chain (cultivation), market prospects, foreign trade strategies and investment opportunities of the industry in Latin America. For Troy Dayton, CEO of The Arcview Group “we are happy to assist the area to move forward, connecting global capital with local occasions


Ramón Carretero ha desarrollado una carrera trascendental en el mundo deportivo

 Estos son los logros más destacados del ciclista, Ramón Carretero:

  • En el 2013 fichó por el equipo italiano Vini Fantini-Selle Italia,llamado posteriormente Southeast. 
  • Campeón Nacional de Contrarreloj Individual (CRI) categoría


  • Sub-campeón nacional de CRI y tercero en el Campeonato Nacional de


  • Vuelta al Valle Colombia y la clásica al Carmen de Viboral
  • Campeón Centroamericano de CRI categoría sub-23 y medalla de

bronce en la categoría élite.

celebrados en Panamá.

  • Medalla de bronce en el Campeonato Panamericano de CRI en México,

categoría sub-23.

  • Campeón del Tour de Panamá (ganador de la CRE, de la CRI y ganador

de una etapa en línea).

  • Campeón Panamericano de CRI, juegos que se celebraron en Río Negro

Antioquia – Panamá.

  • Campeón Nacional de CRI.
  • Mundial de Dinamarca en la prueba de CRI
  • Tercer lugar en el Campeonato Nacional de CRI.
  • Primer panameño en Participar en el Giro de Italia.

A su corta edad, ha desarrollado una carrera trascendental en el mundo deportivo, pero además es gerente de proyectos inmobiliarios, y ha salido por tener una gran trayectoria en ese sector.


Julián Paris ha forjado un conjunto de profesionales en el área de la construcción

Julian Paris Rodríguez, es un empresario de nacionalidad panameña, nacido el 25 de junio de 1966, se ha posicionado como especialista en desarrollo de proyectos inmobiliarios, comerciales, institucionales, corporativos y de obra civil. Pues, recibió estudios de Ingeniería Civil en la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá y egreso de ella en el año 1971, desde ese momento su carrera ha ido en ascenso, lo que le ha permitido desenvolverse en el área y obtener una experiencia impecable que demuestra la calidad de su trabajo.

El Diplomado Julián Paris, ha desarrollado proyectos tanto en el campo público como en el privado, algo que le ha permitido tener las herramientas necesarias para desarrollar cualquier clase de edificación, puesto que a lo largo de su trayectoria ha efectuado desde proyectos habitacionales y empresariales completos, hasta su remodelación y reestructuración.

Del mismo modo, ha participado en obras de talla nacional como lo es la ampliación del muelle norte del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, la construcción del edificio de la nueva sede del parlamento latinoamericano, la rehabilitación del Tribunal Marítimo del Órgano Judicial en Ancón, en ellas ha participado como gerente proyectos y representante legal y de este modo, en otras muchas obras que le han dado la posibilidad de ampliar su experiencia en el campo.

Es merced a trayectoria y largos años de carrera, que Julián ha forjado un conjunto de profesionales en el área de la construcción, comprometidos a la excelencia y a brindar un servicio de primera calidad. Todos , capacitados para incorporar tecnología de última generación y procesos edificantes de máxima eficacia. El resultado es un buen servicio, basado en una relación de confianza, seriedad y responsabilidad. PanamáEs merced a trayectoria y largos años de carrera, que Julián ha forjado un conjunto de profesionales en el área de la construcción, comprometidos a la excelencia y a brindar un servicio de primera calidad. Todos , capacitados para incorporar tecnología de última generación y procesos edificantes de máxima eficacia. El resultado es un buen servicio, basado en una relación de confianza, seriedad y responsabilidad.


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